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French Social Dance: Workshop & Dance Party

 Instructors: Fabien Goulay & Lisa Tamres

These dances include couples dances (waltz, mazurka, bourrée, etc.) chain dances, set dances and more. Behind their deceptively simple exterior, which will easily allow you to join in, these dances hold a wealth of complexity which we will try to explore as much as possible over the course of a series of monthly workshops. Each workshop will revisit, broaden and deepen what was covered previously, allowing newcomers to join us at any time. We'll also have brief teaching vignettes during the afternoon dance to help bring everyone up to speed and introduce some additional simple dances. So feel free to join in even if you can't make the beginning workshop.

Next Dance: Saturday September 29th

Workshop and Dance with Fabien Goulay and Lisa Tamres
4pm-7pm Skibo Small Gym

Carnegie Mellon Campus
Skibo Hall,  Small Gym
On Tech Street by the corner of Margaret Morrison St.
Map and directions

There is metered parking on Tech Street--but they do ticket and the meters are pricey. We recommend you park for free in the enclosed lot on Forbes Avenue by the stadium. Parking is free on most weekends-- you may have to pull a ticket but it is still free.

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Class notes on basics of some of the dances will be posted here as they become available:

See videos below for the following dances:

  1. Waltz
  2. Scottish
  3. Bourrée 2 temps
  4. Mazurka
  5. Valse à 5 temp



Bourrée 2 temps


Valse à 5 temp



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